Laser / IPL


The Cutera IPL limelight system is the gold standard for treatment of superficial pigmentation. This system enables treatment of the following:

  • Pigment blotches, freckles, superficial redness and rosacea with minimal down time.



What the CUTERA laser can do for you

The NdYag laser offers both the standard laser treatments and laser Genesis.

Nd Yag laser is the optimal treatment for all forms of superficial vascular abnormalities such as:

  • facial veins
  • leg veins
  • venous lakes.

The NdYag laser can also treat unwanted hair, warts and seborrheic keratoses.


The CUTERA laser also offers the LASER GENESIS treatment regimes

Multiple rapid fire pulses of NdYag laser stimulate collagen renewal which improves skin texture, rejuvenating the skin. This treatment can improve the appearance of rosacea, fine lines, poikiloderma, scars and acne. Some fungal nail infections can be treated successfully with laser genesis.