Skin Products

Balwyn Skin offers products from specialised clinical skin care ranges including Aspect Dr, Cosmedix and Societe.

Whether you’re concerned with general aging, sundamaged- uneven texture or tone, redness and irritations, hyper pigment- melasma or age spots, acnecongestion, oily or blemish prone, hypersensitive- dry , dull, dehydrated there are products available to suit your skin care needs.

These ranges specialise in corrective alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, encapsulated retinols, antioxidants, epidermal growth factors, plant extracts, anti- ageing peptides, your vitamins A, B & C.

Serious skin care does not have to be difficult or time consuming!

Our Dermal Clinician will guide you to the correct use of active multi-ingredient serums targeted towards your skins concerns with a goal to normalise and address the cause of the concern, not just cover the outward symptom.

Create change without trauma

Products are FREE of:

  • Sodium lauryl sulphate
  • Propylene glycol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens or harsh preservative systems
  • Hydroquinone
  • Alcohol
  • Mineral or petroleum based oils
  • Are NOT tested on animals

Cleansers, sunscreens, day and night serums, exfoliators, pigment inhibitors, moisturisers, eye creams, masks and kits are available.

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Products available at Balwyn Skin